Wooglie accepts Bump n Drop

Hi All,

Today my game, Bump n Drop, was accepted by http://www.wooglie.com and now shows in the ‘In Development’ category on their website.

Hopefully this will allow me to reach a wider audience and get some much needed feedback as well 🙂

go here to play the game at Wooglie and support me by voting a + in the top right corner 🙂


also, check out the latest version 😉

I’ve added a brand spanking new combo system that rewards you for bumping into things rapidly in a short amount of time 🙂

and completely overhauled the graphics on some of the orbs, making them use shader 2.0 (geforceFX 7 cards and newer… so roughly, anything that is newer than 5 years old) and i think they look very smexy now 😉

and brand new sound effects have been added too… I bought a sound pack over at http://www.thegamecreators.com/ let me know what you think of the new updated sound effects, good or bad ? 🙂

Screenshot of the new graphics follows shortly! But i am impatient, so for now… just go play it and see for yourself!! 🙂


  1. Hey, congrats man! The game is looking (and sounding) pretty good! It seems Wooglie has a nice ad-sharing business model, and would fit perfectly with your game. I would also suggest putting your game on something that gets hundreds of thousands of hits a day, something like moddb.com, as you can keep “watchers” up to date on development of the game.

    Do you think they would allow my game on there if I were to make it simply a demo on their site and then offer suggestion to purchase the full version (sorta the way popcap does)? I’m also planning an iPhone version, but for now, ad-sharing doesn’t seem a horrible way to go, as Facebook is another possible outlet for me.


  2. Hello Seraphim,

    Thanks for the comment 🙂 Your suggestion on adding my game to the moddb.com database is pretty good advice 🙂 I will definetely be checking out that site and adding my game there whenever possible!

    As for allowing your game on wooglie, I am pretty sure its possible, but send the creators a mail to be sure.

    Once I figure out how to use UnityToken.com I will probably try to add my game to TinyUtopia.com as well 🙂

    Not sure if there are more Unity Web Player game sites… perhaps dimerocker.com 🙂

    facebook is something i would really like to add into my games at some point when i have the knowledge to do those things 🙂


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