photoshopped graphics replace 3d models in bump n drop

Quick update before hitting the showers and heading for work… 😉

Been working most of last night and all of this morning in order to change the old existing graphics from real 3d models, to flat planes with images projected onto them…

In non-geek speak this basically means that the game will look the same on most, if not all computers. Rather than, as it were before, where some computers display fugly solid balls and other computers display fancy looking 3d shaded see through magikky looking sparkleballs of doom! 😉

Drawing the stuff didnt take that long… replacing… well… lets just say that the people who invented ‘Planning Ahead’ were on to something 😉

I should have planned ahead… but hey, its always easy to be clever in hindsight… or ‘backclever’ as we say in denglish where i come from (yeah, its an insider joke and will most likely only be caught by my danish readers… all ehm… 0 of you? 😛 )

Anyways 🙂 Here is a picture for those of you who are unable to actually pop into the game to see what I am talking about 🙂 Remember, this is just the beginning! More fancy schmancy changes to come! 😉

Bump n Drops new facelift


  1. Heh .. ‘backclever’.. sjovt.

    Anyway, I must be one of those who can’t see the difference, but I was wondering if anti-aliasing is on your todo for the future?

    Because with all those smokin’ lightballs, the static ones look a bit dull without antialiased edges, but I of course have no clue how difficult that is to implement in Unity.

    Out of curiosity: why did you decide to switch from 3D objects to 2D?


    1. thanks for the comment Achton 🙂

      I decided to go 2D instead of 3D mainly for performance reasons. It seems that the majority of the people playing my game are on computers with less than desirable 3d accellerators, and also, the gameplay in my game doesnt really benefit from or require 3d in its current form 🙂

      as for anti-aliasing, it is something I will most likely implement, as well as multiple ‘quality’ settings to allow for different machines and different performance-results.


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