yay, new blogpost and it hasnt even been a full year yet?! Holy crap, something fishy is afoot! … err… jokes aside, I’ve just been feeling very productive lately, and here is the picture to show it 🙂

the new retro style graphics for Twitch Defense

Twitch Defense has really changed a lot visually in the past few days… I decided to go for a sort of modern graphics meets retro style… not really sure how to describe it… I made the sprites in a regular Pixel art style, 16 by 16 pixels, and then applied a few layer styles in photoshop to give it that sort of glowy look to it.

All in all i think it suits the game quite well, let me know what you think ? and give the game a go as well! Wont be long before I can start adding more varied enemies and a couple of new powerups 🙂

I’ve started work on a mini/prototype game and reached a point now with Stencyl where I am actually able to put together a semi-decent gameplay prototype in less than a day 🙂

Its pretty neat being able to whip up a couple of placeholder graphics in photoshop and filterforge, and then put it all together in Stencyl to test out the basics of the gameplay and mechanics for a game idea. I highly recommend trying out Stencyl for prototyping if you’re looking for something to help speed up the process for when you’re making proof of concept for a client or what not 🙂

Twitch Defense (super early work in progress demo)

You control the object at the center of the screen, and your goal is to survive for as long as possible. Shoot the incoming red enemies by pressing the arrow keys in the direction of the enemies.

Dont shoot the green bonus objects, that will give you a negative score… but letting the bonus object hit you, will grant you a big positive score.

I plan on adding an upgrade menu that allows the player to unlock and upgrade new bonuses and features as they play the game more.

Quick update before hitting the showers and heading for work… 😉

Been working most of last night and all of this morning in order to change the old existing graphics from real 3d models, to flat planes with images projected onto them…

In non-geek speak this basically means that the game will look the same on most, if not all computers. Rather than, as it were before, where some computers display fugly solid balls and other computers display fancy looking 3d shaded see through magikky looking sparkleballs of doom! 😉

Drawing the stuff didnt take that long… replacing… well… lets just say that the people who invented ‘Planning Ahead’ were on to something 😉

I should have planned ahead… but hey, its always easy to be clever in hindsight… or ‘backclever’ as we say in denglish where i come from (yeah, its an insider joke and will most likely only be caught by my danish readers… all ehm… 0 of you? 😛 )

Anyways 🙂 Here is a picture for those of you who are unable to actually pop into the game to see what I am talking about 🙂 Remember, this is just the beginning! More fancy schmancy changes to come! 😉

Bump n Drops new facelift

Hello All 🙂

Finally managed to chew my way through the entire Unity Game Development Essentials book! What this means, hopefully, is that I now have a more firm grasp of the techniques needed to create a game from scratch…
To be honest, I knew most of these things before I read the book, however, it did feature a fair amount of techniques and methods that I DIDNT know about before… So it was quite a valuable learning experience, and I am glad I got the book in the first place 🙂

I’ve also been doing a bit of drawing, and the result is this work in progress picture of the heroine, First Aid. It is a character that I created while playing the massive multiplayer online game called Champions Online (that game has one of the most versatile character creation systems in any game I’ve played so far… You can design so many different appearances… its great for coming up with quick rough ideas for characters that you can build from! )


You can also visit my flickr gallery by clicking the image of First Aid and see my other drawings, including some earlier versions of the First Aid picture 🙂

anyways… Done with the book, and getting ready to make a mini-game… so stay tuned! 🙂

Hello All,

Been doing a bit of painting and some coding the past few weeks… but as they say, pictures speak louder than words… or something… so here goes 😉

Chapter 7

Latest Faeborn Music

The Mourning Knight

Weapon Concept Silhouettes


Place in the Sun

So yeah… there ya have it… about a week’s worth of creativity summed up in a blogpost 😉 More or less 🙂

Hello All,

Not the most productive day today… Wasnt really getting the code and sorta fell asleep everytime I tried to get into it 😉

So I decided it was time to do the painting of the day… I’ve made a sort of pact with myself that I will do my best to draw at least 1 painting (even if its a simple one, like the one i did today)… Every day, for the rest of my life… … Okay… Maybe not everyday… 😛

But yeah, the aim is for me to practice and get back into the groove of things with digital painting. I never studied art or took classes or lessons, I just draw whenever the mood strikes… But I would definetely love to improve… and THATS where the daily painting comes in 🙂
I read up on different methods of painting/colouring, and I look at other people’s stuff for inspiration.. And then go back and do my daily painting :p

You know what they say… A painting a day, keeps the empty white piece of paper away. Okay, so they dont say that, and I just made that up… but how can you resist when you can pretty much put anything in front of, and between, day and away 😛

Anyways, enjoy 🙂


And as always, feel free to browse my flickr page for more images 🙂

Hello all,

I went and got myself a couple of video tutorials on stylized male anatomy drawing and digital rendering… So while I was watching the tutorials, I did some sketching/drawing and tried my best to keep up… I figured it would be useful for me to practice my drawing skills a little bit (read: alot!) so that I would be better suited to draw concept art and ideas for the game 🙂

Here’s a learning experience of mine from today… Its NOT meant to be used in the game or anything like that 🙂


You can see some of the steps involved in drawing it on my flickr page, if you click the picture…


The tutorials came from Xia Taptara’s website: http://www.idrawgirls.com

I highly recommend it for anyone interested in learning a few tricks and tips on drawing digitally 🙂