Concept art – it aint so hard

Hello All,

Not the most productive day today… Wasnt really getting the code and sorta fell asleep everytime I tried to get into it 😉

So I decided it was time to do the painting of the day… I’ve made a sort of pact with myself that I will do my best to draw at least 1 painting (even if its a simple one, like the one i did today)… Every day, for the rest of my life… … Okay… Maybe not everyday… 😛

But yeah, the aim is for me to practice and get back into the groove of things with digital painting. I never studied art or took classes or lessons, I just draw whenever the mood strikes… But I would definetely love to improve… and THATS where the daily painting comes in 🙂
I read up on different methods of painting/colouring, and I look at other people’s stuff for inspiration.. And then go back and do my daily painting :p

You know what they say… A painting a day, keeps the empty white piece of paper away. Okay, so they dont say that, and I just made that up… but how can you resist when you can pretty much put anything in front of, and between, day and away 😛

Anyways, enjoy 🙂


And as always, feel free to browse my flickr page for more images 🙂

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