bump n drop loves iTween some more

Hey all,

Yep, its more of that stuff 😛

I cannot praise iTween enough for its ease of use 🙂 In this update (version 0.31) I used it alot, I think some might say I used it TOO MUCH… but hey, its a fun toy, and yeah, i did overuse it a bit 😉

version 0.31 changes and bug-fixes:

  • Added a whole new level, just for the heck of it, I squeezed it in between level 3 and 4… 😉
  • Redid the code for the death/vanish sequence for the orbs. They now fade away and make a popping sound immediately upon collision with the ball. It gives a faster gameplay, I feel. (thanks iTween)
  • The breakable orbs fade into view when the level starts, and will bounce outwards whenever they are hit by the ball. (thanks again iTween)
  • Yellow Super Bouncers now give points (100 points for stationary, 200 points for moving ones). Also, when you hit a bouncer, it reacts by bouncing outwards and flashing in a white colour. (yeah, you guessed it… thanks iTween :p Seriously, this thing makes it so easy to do dynamic snazzy looking effects… )
  • Added Sounds to the Super Bouncers and tweaked it a little bit as well. (these are temporary sounds and will of course be changed for the final release 😉 )
  • Fixed a nasty bug that occured if you had only 1 life left when you hit the last Prismatic Orb (This would result in a game over, since your lives hit zero when the ball died… iTween didnt fix it though… I DID… but its gone now 😉 )
  • Added persistant Score. You now carry your points over from level to level. It resets whenever you start a new game.
  • High Score list… or… also known as: Highest Score list… since it only records 1 score.. yeah you guessed it… the highest score 😉 It will be expanded into a proper highscore list eventually though… 🙂
  • Added a couple more names to the Credits list… If you want your name to be there, then play the game, find some bugs and stuff , and then message me and ill put your name on the list as a little Thank You for your much needed help 🙂

Until next time! Have fun all!


    1. Hello Patrick,

      I am using the Javascript version of iTween, as Javascript is more familiar to me (and also, Javascript for Unity currently seems to have more Tutorials than C# for Unity.)

      As for features, I havent really given that much thought yet. I am still quite inexperienced at programming and tend to make do with a fraction of whatever features are available in the programs I use 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and thanks alot for the continued work behind iTween! 🙂


  1. Hey man,

    I’m so glad you like iTween and that it’s helping you create great things! You’re game is great and it reminds me of the thrill of Peggle, great work!

    As Patrick said, let us know if you come up with any ideas to help improve it!



    1. Hi Bob,

      Thanks for the comment! And yeah, i was very much inspired by Peggle and the whole score of japanese arcade games of which Peggle was inspired (They’re called Pachinko over there).

      I will, eventually, put more of my own touches to it so that it doesnt feel like a blatant ripoff of Peggle without the polish hehehe 🙂

      Glad that you enjoyed playing it and I am greatly looking forward to seeing what else you can come up with for the iTween system. It has been, and continues to be, very very useful to me in my game development!


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