Video runthrough of my game in its current state

Yesterday brought many upgrades to the game… so today I decided to record a little runthrough of the 3 levels in the game (yes, I realise I am not picking up all the extra lives 😮 )


Hope you enjoy watching it, and dont hesitate to post a comment 🙂


Will be adding more stuff to the game throughout this Sunday 🙂 I’ve already created a volume-slider for the music voume, and it will of course be implemented in the next update of the game 🙂


Until next time! cheerios! :p


    1. Yep, det er på vej så snart jeg får lidt mere styr på koden 🙂

      english translation for those dont speak danish:
      Ravn, requested a timer that keeps track of the time spent on the level, to allow for speed runs and score-comparisson.
      And my response is: Yep, its going to be introduced as soon as I have figured out the scripting for it 🙂


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