Unstable Platforms are Unstable ;)

As you can probably guess from the post title… yep, this evenings update brings Unstable Platforms to the game…

You know, the kind of platforms that you stand on, and then they give you some kind of indication that standing on them is not a good idea, since they are about to fall… They’re not exactly a new invention, as you have undoubtedly seen them many times in the Super Mario games 🙂

You’ll see the first one on the 2nd level, have fun with it 🙂

I’ve also done a little bit of tweaking on the 2nd and 3rd map to make them a little bit more interesting and generally feel less empty.

And as you finish the game (wether its by death… or by entering the End of Level Portal on the 3rd level) you will undoubtedly notice that I have changed the way scoring works, and you will now receive a bonus of 500 points for every Life you have by the time you finish the game 🙂

Yeah, that means no bonus for those with 0 lives, due to dying… 😉

Let me know what you think of these changes, and feel free to post your highscores 🙂 (yes, I will eventually make it store the highscores and let the players compete against eachother… when I figure out how to do it 😛 )

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