Light at the end of the tunnel… err… level

Hello all…


Let me tell you about today! Today was a whole day of struggling with the code for the game, error upon error, and me being a total noob!! I had to throw down the towel and surrender at one point, went and did my groceries… On the way back I did some thinking… came back home and tested it…

BLAH! Didnt work 😉

I didnt give up though, so I kept working on it… for about 5 hours until I figured it out! 😀


hehe… 5 horrible hours! but hey, its done, I figured it out, and now my game has a persistant score and life counter across levels, but please let me know if you find any bugs in relation to this, as my system is probably not as cleverly designed as it coulda-shoulda been 🙂


I also watched a few tutorials that taught me how to work some more with the prefabs and instances/clones… which allowed me to get back to my game and add in a little visual feedback in the form of particle effects when you pick up a Bonus Item, or enter the end of level portal 🙂


So please, get right in, try it out, and post your score here for all to see! 🙂

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