Scores make it into the last update of the night ;)

Hi all…


From figuring out how to do the extra life thingy, I managed to get my head around how to work with a score for the player, and gaining points from picking up the gems/coins… I also did a bit of an overhaul on the 3 levels, adding more fire thingies and more gems and tried to make the lifts a bit more interesting to use, by adding in the gems in rows while you’re travelling… giving you a POP POP PPPPPPOP!!! feel as you use the lifts… at least the first time 😉


Now I just need to figure out how to make it so that the scores and lives do not reset everytime a new level loads… by the end of tomorrow, I should have that nut cracked! ;D


Ooh, and before I forget… I changed it from being a streamed game (it would load as soon as the first map was finished, but sometimes this resulted in some problems for slow downloaders since some items would be missing from the next map… I’ll get it sorted, but for now I have changed it to a non-streaming format, so it will download all of the game before actually starting to play.)

On a more positive note though… Platform Textures are back! Yay! ;D The game looks semi-reasonable, once again 🙂 … but just semi 😉


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