unity bump n drop gets upgraded

Hello All,

Fairly large update to the mechanics of Bump n Drop, not a whole lot of visual changes or anything else that would make you go: ooooh! 😉

Also, I’ve updated the link panel on the blog so that each game/demo has its own button, making it easier to access.

As for Bump n Drop… here is the list of changes in this version. 🙂

  • Added a bounce-barrier to the top of the level to prevent the ball from flying out of the top of the level and causing the player to die.
  • Tweaked the mechanics of the ball, making it move faster and bounce harder, making the gameplay a bit faster.
  • Added Prismatics (currently shown as White Orbs). Currently there are 3 prismatic orbs on the map, and when you hit all 3 of them, the level completion has been fulfilled.
  • Text Popup mechanic added, its currently only when you complete the level. But it will of course be updated/changed for later mechanics, such as announcing Combos, Game Over, Extra Lives, Special Trick Shots, and more thingies 😉
  • Changed the colour of the barriers and walls.
  • Added a Super Bouncer (the yellow thing), it gives the ball a larger push than the normal orbs, and doesnt disappear when hit.
  • Changed number of lives/balls to 10, it will of course be changed later, just as the actual level design.


    1. Thanks alot Ais! 😀
      I cant wait either! 😉 Looking forward to be showing more updates and more progress on my game project and polishing up the concept 🙂


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