so many changes, i almost lost track

Hello All,

had an entire weekend spent sick in bed.. meh… but on a positive note, whenever I wasnt confined to bed, I would fiddle with the code at the computer and get some updates done on Bump n Drop.

Many of the following features/mechanics were added to the game with placeholder graphics and sounds, but it will still give a general idea as to what direction the game is headed.

  • added title screen with a temporary game logo
  • play button added to the title screen, along with a little sound effect when you click the button
  • particle effects from the ball when it collides with an object. its a placeholder but will eventually be tweaked to look like sparks.
  • sound effects galore!! or… well actually, only 3 different sound effects… but still… 😉
  • added a whole new level… nothing fancy, and nothing permanent of course. 🙂
  • cleaned up the code in multiple instances that handle collision and scoring.
  • bug fix: no longer possible to need -1 or -2 Prismatics and then getting stuck permanently on the level.

Tons of other changes that I’ve probably missed along the way… I should probably start making notes WHILE doing changes, so that i have a proper, semi-professional looking changelog instead of sitting here for hours trying to remember which things i changed and which i didnt 😉

Anyways, until next time! have funz! :p

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