video teaser for the lazy gits :)

Hi All,

Here is a little video teaser to give you guys a feel for the current state of the game, without having to actually try the game… because according to some of you, its oooh soo hard to spend 1 second on downloading the Unity Web Player Plugin and test the game ;D (Lazy gits I say! 😉 )

Something went wrong with my editting so halfway through the vid repeats itself in slow motion with non-slowmotion sound… bear with me and poor video editting skillz 😉

I hope you enjoy! 🙂 And dont hesitate to spread the vid or the url to my blog, its always good fun for me to hear what people think of my project, and to get some feedback on what works and what doesnt 🙂


  1. love the video and the improvements to the game… like seeing the points go up that is nice … rather than having to guess how much each thing is worth. This is really getting gooooood… can’t wait to see more


  2. Hello, id like to make a suggestion.
    I enjoy reading Blogs, but some times while at work we only have short times when nothing happens, this means I and other staff have to stop and start with games if we are playing them.
    A pause button would be very good and make the game easier to pick up and play and able to continue the game from the same place if we leave the web page open. Also the same thing goes with reading the Blog it would be easier for people that just want to get right in and play if a small caption of what has been updated was at the bottom of the blog feed something like

    #Added pause button to game
    #Added x x x

    I hope this makes sense i am not very good with games and internet things, thanks for making a fun little game to enjoy!


    1. Thank you very much for the feedback TecFail. The pause button is most definetely on its way, although I cant give you any precise moment of when it will be in the game 🙂 Lots of stuff going on currently with holidays coming up 🙂

      Your point about adding the changes to the bottom of the blogpost in a bullet-list of sorts is a great suggestion and something that I will be striving to do in every post from now on 🙂

      Thanks again 🙂


      1. I have noticed that, if i move away from the game to another window, the game pauses automatically for me. This is true both at work and home … only exception is if i go to another firefox tab, then it keeps running.


  3. nicely done
    what i missed / was not satisfied with :
    allow lerpz fall down vertically – that is, when in the air you can fall straight down not only left or right down 🙂 – but this might be not suitable for all players 🙂
    try to put some kind of minimap to the corner of the screen – might be handy especially with larger levels
    otherwise nicely put, good effort ! 🙂




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