TastyGraph on Facebook

Woot 😛

Okay, so I figured out how to put my little game demo thingie on Facebook as an application, and i’ve also played around with the possibility of sharing stuff from here, onto ones own facebook page, sadly I couldnt get it to work 😛
But the application works 😉 So feel free to play around with it 🙂

to visit the application on facebook, go here: http://apps.facebook.com/tastygraph

Please let me know if you encounter any trouble in doing any of the above… Comments on this would be most helpful 🙂


  1. just please tell me you won’t abandon functionality on here. Because as you know, i detest facebook and like being able to see what you are doing. If that means going to facebook to do so sadly the likely hood of my following moves to almost nil. 😦 Visiting facebook is somewhere after joining the cast of survivor on my list of things i enjoy or aspire to do in life.


  2. P.S. – I did go and look cause it was you (and you are the only person i go on facebook for :P) … problem was the game didn’t fit in the screen, the facebook window was scaled down so much i had to scroll the game window … not good.


  3. hahah 😉 Very cute picture 🙂 Your end of level portal is about 5 meters to the left of where you are 😉 Yep, right over on that platform up there to the left 😉

    About the Facebook thing, its mainly meant as a way for people who are FaceBook only, to still experience the TastyGraph games without having to leave their oh so precious facebook… For everyone else, there is… The Internet 😉

    So to answer your question, yes, I will continue to update this blog… of course 🙂
    The addition of the facebook stuff was just for me to be able to share/spread my evil propaganda even further… since Sharing on facebook travels very fast from one user to the other 🙂


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