Woot 😛

Okay, so I figured out how to put my little game demo thingie on Facebook as an application, and i’ve also played around with the possibility of sharing stuff from here, onto ones own facebook page, sadly I couldnt get it to work 😛
But the application works 😉 So feel free to play around with it 🙂

to visit the application on facebook, go here: http://apps.facebook.com/tastygraph

Please let me know if you encounter any trouble in doing any of the above… Comments on this would be most helpful 🙂

Yep, my little game thingie has now reached a new peak in its career! … well.. okay maybe not, but at least now I’ve managed to add in the functionality of actually being able to reach the end of a level, and then have it load the next level 😉

Sadly, at the moment, there are no next levels, but its a start 😉

Also, poor Loopy has had to give up his existance… Alas, poor Loopy, you will be sorely missed… (Actually, You wont… You ran way too slow, and it was just too easy the way you superjumped!) … 😛

Naw, the real reason I pulled out Loopy, or the Multi-Character system is simply because, it felt too much like the old blizzard game The Lost Vikings…

Great game, but not what I wanted to make at the moment 😉

So pop on in, give Lerpz a little spin, make it to the top, check out the End of Level sparkly portal and the snazzy little 8bit oldschool soundeffect that i made with SFXR (yeah, that little program I linked in the previous post 😛 )

And feel the love as you reach my congratulations, end of level message screen! 😉

Yes… I know… its all very crude and very work in progress 🙂 But hey, every day is a learning experience and im having fun with this stuff… 🙂

First, a minor change to the blog… If you look at the right side, you’ll see a list of Links… The latest version of the game/demo/whatever im working on, will be listed there to make it ALOT EASIER for you to quickly find the latest version of the game 🙂

Hope this change pleases you all 😛

Now, onto the real deal! Tweaks and changes and new additions to the game! 🙂

Yup, finally managed to make the purple bonus items on the level play a sound when you hit them.

I had a problem where I couldnt get them to play a sound, and it turns out that it happened because I wanted the Bonus Items to vanish as soon as you touched them… Meaning, that before the sound could play, the bonus item would already be gone. So I added a little delay when you touch the bonus item, and now you can hear the old school Coin Pickup DING! Sound when you grab it 😉

The attributes for Lerpz and Loopy (yeah, ill change their names eventually 😛 ) were changed so that Lerpz jumps even lower now, so in order for you to get Lerpz to the top of the map, you will now need to use Loopy (either have him act as a Platform for Lerpz to jump off of, or use Loopy to drop a few boxes from the top platform, down to Lerpz’s level so he can stand on them and move up)

Yes, I realise that there STILL is no goal or any reason to play this, but bear with me 🙂 Its a test for me, and im learning new things every day 🙂 I’ve only used this system for about 2 days 🙂

I also managed to add a start-screen (a very very crude one! but a start screen none the less) which will load the main level when you click the Start button in the middle 🙂

The program that I used for making the Bonus Item Pickup sound can be found at this website:


Its great for making old school sound effects similar to what we had on the old NES and Gameboy and Commodore 64 (its possibly identical? I dont really qualify as a guru on the subject of chiptunes and 8bit sound.. so i just said Similar to avoid getting lynched by angry console nerds 😉 )


And to finish off… here is a little screenshot I took after moving both Lerpz and Loopy to the top of the map and stacking Loopy on top of Lerpz… who was on top of a stack of boxes 😛

Loopy on top of Lerpz... at the top of the map

(I added the text and arrow in photoshop… Sorry to disappoint anyone who might think they would be greeted by fancy text and a big arrow after they made it to the top of the map 😛 )

Lately I’ve become a bit more serious about the whole programming thing… but that has lead me to realise that even though I have learned alot of things in my many years in front of the computer… I dont know everything… In fact, I dont know MUCH at all! 😉

So when I came across this video serious that was linked on a forum (sorry, forgot the name 😦 ) I decided to watch a few episodes a day and see if i could learn something new.

And uhm… yeah… whoah! Did I learn something? You bet 🙂 I am willing to say that I probably learned more new stuff during Professor Mehran Sahami’s first 4 lectures, than I have learned about programming in the past 6 months! (sad, but true 😉 and good… all at the same time :p )

This shit is good! it seriously makes me wish I was ‘young’ again and magically able to enroll at Stanford University for Computer Science class and get this teacher, he rocks! 🙂

Playlist for all of the lectures!

Hello folks

Yep, I just realised after several repeated incidents of me having to explain that the link leading to my game project requires the download of a plugin… That I am in fact a slacker that completely forgot to actually mention this in the first place 😉


So here goes… 🙂

When you pop onto the page where my game is at. You will be asked to download the Unity Web Player , please accept this download (yes it is safe) as it is the only way for me to actually show you the game that I am working on 🙂

its only 4mb so it shouldnt take more than 1-5 minutes, depending on your internet connection.

Sounds very department-store…ish 😉

Basically what it means is that i’ve added little purple rotating thingies (yeah, i figured out how to make something rotate 😛 ) and made the player able to touch these purple thingies to make them disappear… So of course the aim of this will be to make it so that you can touch these to increase your score, and somewhere along the line I intend to make them pop with a little sound and a sparkly effect when they disappear…


the /Unity is now the newest version, NOT /unity2 🙂


Oh, and in case anyone was wondering. I did not make the graphics for this, they are all from the Unity3d Tutorials… as it is now, I mainly need to focus on learning how to code in Unity3d, and later on I can pay attention to Graphics and Sound Design. 🙂



I’ve added the update to a new page to give an idea of the progress… i will try to keep the last version up and always have 2 versions on the website at any time… the latest, and the previous 🙂

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions… even if its not going to become a game, but mainly just for learning the Unity3d System, it could be something useful to be used later on in a different game 🙂

Thanks to my friend Achton I was able to get a little bit of web host space… thingy… and could then upload a Unity Web Player test 🙂


Go there to check it out. You’ll need the Unity Web Player in order to view the contents of the window… which at the moment is pretty empty (just a message telling you that you are now able to… read the message that you’re reading 😉 )


But in the near future i will of course upload my current work in progress game and hopefully be able to show it off to you 🙂