Programming Methodology… huh?

Lately I’ve become a bit more serious about the whole programming thing… but that has lead me to realise that even though I have learned alot of things in my many years in front of the computer… I dont know everything… In fact, I dont know MUCH at all! 😉

So when I came across this video serious that was linked on a forum (sorry, forgot the name 😦 ) I decided to watch a few episodes a day and see if i could learn something new.

And uhm… yeah… whoah! Did I learn something? You bet 🙂 I am willing to say that I probably learned more new stuff during Professor Mehran Sahami’s first 4 lectures, than I have learned about programming in the past 6 months! (sad, but true 😉 and good… all at the same time :p )

This shit is good! it seriously makes me wish I was ‘young’ again and magically able to enroll at Stanford University for Computer Science class and get this teacher, he rocks! 🙂

Playlist for all of the lectures!


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