beholder wallpaper

beholder wallpaper, originally uploaded by Eeron Kilian.

Another wallpaper teaser thingy from our upcoming game 🙂

This time its the Beholder, a scary mythical monster of many eyes (and one toothy mouth! )

It is said that each eye has a unique magical (and painful) attack that the Beholder uses to assault its hapless prey!

He doesnt have a proper name yet… Everyone who has tried was either turned to stone, devoured, or fried to death by the Beholder…

Ps. He definetely does NOT like to be called Eye-Bert!

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  1. Hey there, my name is Corey Rollins and I’m a Producer at OverInteractive Media, the makers of dimeRocker.

    I found your game on Kongregate and I couldn’t find any contact information on your page, so I thought I’d leave a comment.

    I’d like to invite you to also put it on the dimeRocker Arcade. In less then 30 minutes in most cases, you can install our core API easily tie into all of our features, including:

    – Monetization
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    Your game is great, and we can help increase awareness of your game by using the combined leverage of multiple Unity & Flash based games within a single Arcade on Facebook.

    We are currently running our Public Developer Alpha and are getting ready to launch our Beta with a massive user push and paid marketing in January. Shortly after we will be releasing news about our App Bar and banner ad rev share programs.

    Please contact me at if you would like to discuss the Arcade. I’m happy to personally help you with whatever you need to put a version up with us.


    dimeRocker Arcade:

    Developer Support Forum:

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