Hello All 🙂

Finally managed to chew my way through the entire Unity Game Development Essentials book! What this means, hopefully, is that I now have a more firm grasp of the techniques needed to create a game from scratch…
To be honest, I knew most of these things before I read the book, however, it did feature a fair amount of techniques and methods that I DIDNT know about before… So it was quite a valuable learning experience, and I am glad I got the book in the first place 🙂

I’ve also been doing a bit of drawing, and the result is this work in progress picture of the heroine, First Aid. It is a character that I created while playing the massive multiplayer online game called Champions Online (that game has one of the most versatile character creation systems in any game I’ve played so far… You can design so many different appearances… its great for coming up with quick rough ideas for characters that you can build from! )


You can also visit my flickr gallery by clicking the image of First Aid and see my other drawings, including some earlier versions of the First Aid picture 🙂

anyways… Done with the book, and getting ready to make a mini-game… so stay tuned! 🙂

Ello All,

Chapter 8 in Will Goldstone’s book: Unity Game Development Essentials is about making a GUI, graphical User Interface… meaning the buttons and menus and thingiemajiggies to press onscreen in the game or in a program 🙂

So far i’ve only worked through the first half of Chapter 8, and this is the graphical way of doing it. The next half of the chapter will show how to do menus that are similar to the menus i have in the 2d platformer game… They are more managable and can be faster and easier to make once you get a hang of the system 🙂

But anyways, here is the texturebased button menu system in action.