Ello All!

I started using iTween, a highly useful, while free, plugin/code addition to Unity. It basically allows someone like me, that doesnt have a great deal of experience with the more advanced type of programming… to add in some very nifty animations and movement or transformation effects to my games easily without building up a desire to murder anyone around me 😉

For my latest build I played around with iTween and used it to make the game logo bounce in place when you start the game and it also allowed me to quickly create a code that makes the score ingame shake whenever it becomes updated.

So yeah, I highly recommend this addition to Unity, as it can really shave off alot of time when delving a bit deeper in ones projects, and starting to add in polish and effects to the game.

You can get it here http://www.pixelplacement.com/iTween/ for Javascript/Unity 🙂

In other news… iSlack!

Yep, been spending alot of time lately with real life, I even had a chance to get out in the sun!!! *gasp* but but… nerds dont do sun!

This nerd does 😉

Stay tuned for more… the near future brings:

  • Save/Continue functions to the game.
  • Hall of Fame (Thats what we called highscores back in ye olde days ;D ).
  • Achievements! (Yeah, my plan is to add a couple of test-achievements to the game once I have the save/continue and the highscore system in place)