Hello all,

Recently I’ve been having a bit of a dilemma… You see, creating games requires alot of different talents, ranging from Sound Design and Visual Arts… to Programming… and just plain old fashioned creativity…
So with all these options or paths in game design, I’ve had a bit of a hard time focusing on 1 thing… Do I practice drawing every day to get better ? Or should I focus 100% on programming… and what about music ? and 3d modelling!
Decisions Decisions… Makes me wish the day had more hours… preferably 50+ hours pr day, that would be ideal for me 😉

So for the past few days I have focused on the programming, and tried to get at least 1½-2 hours worth of drawing in as well. I reinstalled my tablet on my new pc, and started looking for all the digital brushes that I had gathered in the past for my old pc.

And by the end of the night, I had managed to paint a concept art (its not really that useful, since I dont see it being used in a game or anything… but it was still a satisfying experience to finish a piece… even if it is relatively basic painting of a mountain scene… with a bunch of magic thrown in for effect 😉 )


I also did alot of work in Unity. I’ve now read and understood up until the 6th chapter in the Will Goldstone book called: Unity Game Development Essentials. 🙂 I highly recommend this book for anyone new to Unity.

Chapter 1 to 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

I am off work for a week now, and I will be focusing strongly on drawing practice as well learning more programming in the next 7 days, so stay tuned for updates 🙂

Ello All…

Hope you’ve had a Cheerful Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Quality Kwanza, or just a great time since last time I wrote 😉

As you know, my pc died… I now managed to get myself a new one… And I figured, I’ll just pull the harddrive out of the old pc, and put it into one of those external harddrive boxes and plug it into my new computer…

But nope… Computer says nooo… *cough*

The plugs for my external harddrive box are too old for the kind of drive that i had in my old computer… so I’ll need to go out and get me a new kind of external box before i can make my old drive connect to the new pc… so until then, my data sits nice and secure in a hard drive that i cant use 😉

But on a positive note… I received an Exercise Bike from my family as a gift, so at least I have things to keep me occupied haha 😉

And also, my new pc is great, even if it has windows 7, which i still havent quite come to enjoy 😛 It feels like a poor attempt at copying the polish of Macintosh but doing it with the usual Microsoft Robot-Emotionless approach. (I like windows7 better than Vista though… )