Sounds very department-store…ish 😉

Basically what it means is that i’ve added little purple rotating thingies (yeah, i figured out how to make something rotate 😛 ) and made the player able to touch these purple thingies to make them disappear… So of course the aim of this will be to make it so that you can touch these to increase your score, and somewhere along the line I intend to make them pop with a little sound and a sparkly effect when they disappear…

the /Unity is now the newest version, NOT /unity2 🙂


Oh, and in case anyone was wondering. I did not make the graphics for this, they are all from the Unity3d Tutorials… as it is now, I mainly need to focus on learning how to code in Unity3d, and later on I can pay attention to Graphics and Sound Design. 🙂

I’ve added the update to a new page to give an idea of the progress… i will try to keep the last version up and always have 2 versions on the website at any time… the latest, and the previous 🙂

Feel free to drop a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions… even if its not going to become a game, but mainly just for learning the Unity3d System, it could be something useful to be used later on in a different game 🙂

Thanks to my friend Achton I was able to get a little bit of web host space… thingy… and could then upload a Unity Web Player test 🙂

Go there to check it out. You’ll need the Unity Web Player in order to view the contents of the window… which at the moment is pretty empty (just a message telling you that you are now able to… read the message that you’re reading 😉 )


But in the near future i will of course upload my current work in progress game and hopefully be able to show it off to you 🙂