Milestone has been reached! Yay for this achievement

As the subject might lead you to think… Its good times for Bump n Drop! 😉 Yep, today the 10th level was added… wewt wewt! 😉

More levels will be added in the near future… so as always, stay tuned and please dont hesitate to post a comment and let me know what you think 🙂

Oh! And please pop onto my new domain at and Share my game with your friends on Facebook and press the LIKE button as well, it would mean A LOT to me! Thanks in advance! ;D

Also, if any of you have any experience with linking up UNITY3D games into Kongregate and using the Javascript API for achievements and badges and such, please let me know 🙂 (Could also use a hand with implementing DimeRocker API for Facebook/Social stuff.. hehehe, or maybe I am getting ahead of myself 😉 )


  1. Love most of the stuff you have added over the course of this game’s development … things I am not a fan of … I liked the bounce on the pad better than points and an extra ball, primarily because if you just got your last needed ball to complete the level you don’t get to use that extra ball, I would rather keep racking up points off the bounce you had in there originall, and I am not a fan of the new picture backgrounds … they make things look busy to me, but everything else is wonderful! Keep up the great work and I understand, if you throw out my comments / suggestions cause as we both know, I rarely speak for the masses 😀


    1. Heya Ash, thanks alot for the feedback, glad to see you’re still trying out the game 🙂

      As for the feedback, I completely agree on the issue with the background images, and they are all going to be redrawn/designed so that they are less intrusive and less disturbing on the eye 🙂
      About the freeball pad thing… After alot of testing, I felt that it needed a drastic change for various reasons…
      1. the amount of time between shots would increase by quite alot, leaving the player with a feeling of ‘Im not really playing this game as much as i am watching it play for me’
      2. hitting the bat became something that changed the playerscore by such a drastic amount since it would around like crazy

      So by allowing the player a chance to shoot the ball again, I am giving the player more options of how they want to play the game.
      Furthermore I have changed it so that the player will no longer receive a free ball when it hits the bat, and also they wont lose a ball either. They will be awarded points only if the ball has hit an object on its way before hitting the bat (to prevent people from farming points by purposely dropping the ball straight onto the bat)

      However, I think think you bring up a valid point about the player ‘missing out’ on that free ball if they land. Originally I added in a big score of 25.000 points… Now I have been thinking about either allowing the player another shot… OR giving the player 50.000 points or 100.000 points if the ball hits the freeball pad AFTER having hit the required amount of Prismatics 🙂

      Anyways 🙂 Thanks a bunch for the feedback, I never throw out comments or feedback!
      So thank you 🙂
      also worth noting: I am aiming for graphical and sound revamp/updates by the end of next month 🙂 Should be interesting 🙂


      1. looking forward to it 😀
        I think I may have hit a bug this am. Was playing and my ball landed on the top side of one of your bumper balls just right so that it sat there and there was no game advancement and nothing i could do … have you considered adding a bump button that a user could use one time to bump the screen like you can bump a pinball game to alter the balls course? here is a screen shot of my dead in the water ball


  2. Don’t bother looking at the Kong api yet; we added it to some of our Unity games and after completing that Kong told us they don’t accept Unity games (any more).


    1. Yeah, I noticed that as well… Its possible to uploade the game and play it in preview mode, etc etc… but they dont tell you they no longer accept Unity games until you actually contact them yourself and ask them why its taking 2 weeks to get your game approved 😛

      I gave up, its a shame though, because the site has many visitors 🙂


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