Level Up!

Yep, my little game thingie has now reached a new peak in its career! … well.. okay maybe not, but at least now I’ve managed to add in the functionality of actually being able to reach the end of a level, and then have it load the next level 😉

Sadly, at the moment, there are no next levels, but its a start 😉

Also, poor Loopy has had to give up his existance… Alas, poor Loopy, you will be sorely missed… (Actually, You wont… You ran way too slow, and it was just too easy the way you superjumped!) … 😛

Naw, the real reason I pulled out Loopy, or the Multi-Character system is simply because, it felt too much like the old blizzard game The Lost Vikings…

Great game, but not what I wanted to make at the moment 😉

So pop on in, give Lerpz a little spin, make it to the top, check out the End of Level sparkly portal and the snazzy little 8bit oldschool soundeffect that i made with SFXR (yeah, that little program I linked in the previous post 😛 )

And feel the love as you reach my congratulations, end of level message screen! 😉

Yes… I know… its all very crude and very work in progress 🙂 But hey, every day is a learning experience and im having fun with this stuff… 🙂


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