Ding! the 2d platformer has bling

First, a minor change to the blog… If you look at the right side, you’ll see a list of Links… The latest version of the game/demo/whatever im working on, will be listed there to make it ALOT EASIER for you to quickly find the latest version of the game 🙂

Hope this change pleases you all 😛

Now, onto the real deal! Tweaks and changes and new additions to the game! 🙂

Yup, finally managed to make the purple bonus items on the level play a sound when you hit them.

I had a problem where I couldnt get them to play a sound, and it turns out that it happened because I wanted the Bonus Items to vanish as soon as you touched them… Meaning, that before the sound could play, the bonus item would already be gone. So I added a little delay when you touch the bonus item, and now you can hear the old school Coin Pickup DING! Sound when you grab it 😉

The attributes for Lerpz and Loopy (yeah, ill change their names eventually 😛 ) were changed so that Lerpz jumps even lower now, so in order for you to get Lerpz to the top of the map, you will now need to use Loopy (either have him act as a Platform for Lerpz to jump off of, or use Loopy to drop a few boxes from the top platform, down to Lerpz’s level so he can stand on them and move up)

Yes, I realise that there STILL is no goal or any reason to play this, but bear with me 🙂 Its a test for me, and im learning new things every day 🙂 I’ve only used this system for about 2 days 🙂

I also managed to add a start-screen (a very very crude one! but a start screen none the less) which will load the main level when you click the Start button in the middle 🙂

The program that I used for making the Bonus Item Pickup sound can be found at this website:


Its great for making old school sound effects similar to what we had on the old NES and Gameboy and Commodore 64 (its possibly identical? I dont really qualify as a guru on the subject of chiptunes and 8bit sound.. so i just said Similar to avoid getting lynched by angry console nerds 😉 )


And to finish off… here is a little screenshot I took after moving both Lerpz and Loopy to the top of the map and stacking Loopy on top of Lerpz… who was on top of a stack of boxes 😛

Loopy on top of Lerpz... at the top of the map

(I added the text and arrow in photoshop… Sorry to disappoint anyone who might think they would be greeted by fancy text and a big arrow after they made it to the top of the map 😛 )


  1. I am really enjoying the updates on your blog and i have also enjoyed listening to the class that you posted and the related ones on youtube. I am horrible at your game though i will never be able to get to the point where i could even take a picture and photoshop comments in where you did. LOL


    1. Thanks 🙂 No worries about not being able to get to the top of the game… eventually you might be able to though! 🙂

      Earlier today I actually thought about making that a criteria for advancing to the next level!!! 😉

      or maybe not 🙂


      1. hahaha no seriously i will never get to the top… trust me on this … unless you build a permenant fly / jet pack option i don’t see much hope of that…. you may have to post videos of the game play on later levels for your retarded bad gamer friends like me. 😀


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